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Update on CICCA and new videos

I have just received an email from the CICCA president explaining that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Spring Salon has been cancelled. The host club tried an online salon and although it worked on a small scale, they did not think it would be feasible for a...

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Online Contest Extended Voting

I have extended the voting for Theme 2 on the website. You will have until April 20 to vote. The theme is on the members only competition page, just login in, go to the online contest page. click on your favorite image and there will be a vote button under the photo....

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Nature 3 now online

I hope everyone is well and taking the necessary precautions. I have uploaded the Nature 3 gallery and YouTube video to the website. It is fairly short as the comments came back written and I had to translate to the show. Thanks to Scott for doing the bulk of the...

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