Club Contacts

 Board Members

President: Crystal Johnson 309-256-4782
 Vice President: Jim Burnham 309-241-8903
Treasurer: Forest Worstell 309-634-6775
Secretary: Jean Johnson
Membership Director: Dave Clark 309-645-4489
Digital Processing Director: Tom Oelkers 309-370-7964
Competition Director: Carl Close 309-274-5103
Past President: Dave Bowers 309-263-7355

Competition Handlers

Competition Director Carl Close 309-274-5103
Judge Procurer Jeanette Kosier 309-685-1624
Open Digital Handler Bill Snyder 309-242-0522
Nature Digital Handler Jim Burnham 309-241-8903
Creative Digital Handler Tom Ruhland 309-274-2467
Photojournalism Digital Handler Tom Oelkers 309-370-7964
Print Handler Denise Romersberger 309-694-4387
City Landscape Handler Tom Oelkers 309-370-7964
Smartphone/ Tablet Handler Ray Keithley 309-685-1301

NON PCC Competition Personnel

Heart of Illinois Fair
Bill Goad 309-258-8876
CICCA Representative & Competitions
Scott & Colleen Dunham 309-682-8970
PSA Representative
& Competitions
National Insect Salon

Administration & Event Personal

PhotoChatter Editor Bill Snyder 309-242-0522
Webmaster Jim Burnham 309-241-8903
Club Records Retention Carl Close 309-274-5103
Document Manager Rich Seeman 309-361-8902
Seminar Chairperson Joe Virbickis 309-635-3554
Portrait and Still Life Workshop Chairperson Carl Close 309-274-5103
Social Chairman TBA TBA
Outings Coordinator Carl Close 309-274-5103
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