Understanding CICCA and Entering Competitions

What is CICCA?
CICCA is the Central Illinois Camera Clubs Association, an umbrella organization that comprises 12 camera clubs located throughout central Illinois. Each club has representation through a member on the Board. The purpose of CICCA is to share knowledge among the clubs, and sponsor competition salons where member clubs (fall) and individuals (spring) can compete with their digital images and prints for ribbons, medallions, and bragging rights.

What are the Competition Salons?

    The fall salon is for “member clubs” to compete against each other to see which club has the most distinguished photographers for a particular year.
    Members submit images and the CICCA rep selects which images to enter for the club competition. All images entered are not guaranteed to be shown, however, we try to ensure at least one image for every member is selected.
    This is your chance to compete against “individual members” of other clubs and see how your images stack up. All images each individual enters will be shown.
    Members who receive an “acceptance” or “honors” in the individual competition receives a ribbon, and “best of show” for each category receives a medallion coin.

What Kinds of Images can I Enter?


– Nature photography embraces the entire physical and natural world and thus encompasses nature in all its forms.
– The emphasis for this category is on aesthetics and creating a fine image with great impact while maintaining a natural quality.
Altered Reality
– The emphasis for this category is on creativity and creating a fine image without any restrictions on manipulating the original image or images.

Number of Digital Entries:
• No individual member, regardless of the number of clubs of which he or she is a member, may submit more than eight (8) total digital images.
• Each member club may submit a maximum of fifty (50) images combined between the three categories.

Digital Image Size:
• Digital images should be sized to 1400 x 1050 pixels.


Monochrome Prints
– Small & Large. A monochrome print is one color or different shades of one color; a single-tone print; or black and white print.
Color Prints
– Small & Large. A color print is made either by a regular color photography process, including inkjet printing, or hand coloring or tinting.

Small prints
(all categories) may be any size up to 8×12 inches in either dimension, mounted on an 11×14 inch mount board.
Large prints
(all categories) may be any size larger than 8×12, but no larger than 16×20, mounted on 16×20 mount board.

Number of Entries:
• No individual member, regardless of the number of clubs of which he or she is a member may submit more than eight (8) prints to the CICCA Fall Salon
• Each member club may submit up to 50 prints in the monochrome category and 50 prints in the color category, any combination of small and large.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter the Same Images I’ve entered before?
• Members cannot use the same basic image in multiple categories, such as entering a color version in the digital category, then a monochrome version in print.
• No entry previously “accepted” in any CICCA Fall Salon, may be entered in subsequent Fall Salons. It may be entered in a Spring Salon providing it has “not” been accepted in a previous Spring Salon.

How does the Judging work?
Each category is judged by three judges and each image is given a score. The “top third of the scored” images are classified as “accepted”. The “top third of the accepted” are “honors”. From the honors, the judges select the Best of Show

When do we View the Results and Winning Images?
After each salon, each club receives a disk of all the accepted, honors and medallion winners that will shown at one of our club meetings, followed by awards and recognitions. You can find out sooner by attending the all-day judging session.



Go to CICCA website for entry forms to submit your entries.

Prints Due, in-person by Tuesday, Oct 23
Turn-in with completed forms to Tom Ruhland

Digital Images Due, Friday, Oct 26, by midnight
Complete forms on the CICCA website and email images and forms to Tom Ruhland (tomr@peoriacameraclub.com).

CICCA Website

Contact Tom Ruhland, Peoria Camera Club CICCA Representative



CICCA Fall Salon Judging Event

The Champaign County Camera Club is pleased to invite the CICCA Clubs and their members to the 2018 Fall Club Salon to be held at the Urbana Free Library at 210 W. Green Street, Urbana  (just West of Lincoln Square Mall on the corner of Green Street and Race) on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Library doors (South side) open at 9AM.


Peoria Camera Club

Peoria, IL

Champaign Camera Club
Urbana, IL

Kodaroamers Camera Club
Bloomington, IL

Quad Cities Photography Club
Moline, IL

Springfield 35 Camera Club
Springfield, IL

Streator Pictorialists
Streator, IL

Decatur Camera Club
Decatur, IL

Galesburg Camera Club
Galesburg, IL

Photography Unlimited
Princeton, IL

Shutterbug Camera Club
Burlington, IA

Morris Photocolor Club
Morris, IL


The Heartland Festival Orchestra is looking for images that capture the heart of the Heartland. The “Heartland Portraits” Project is an opportunity for the Peoria Camera Club and all photographers in the community to contribute images of the “prairie” that will be playing during a special concert to honor the beauty and life of our region.

As part of the tenth anniversary celebration, photographic representations of the prairieland and life in Illinois will be displayed in a digital dance on screens above the orchestra, choreographed to select movements of “Symphony to the Prairie Farm” by Steve Heitzeg.

Your work can be a part of creating a unique piece of live performance art. Be it a downtown Peoria panorama, a Starved Rock scene, or a Champaign snapshot. There’s no better time than right now, the beginning of the fall season, to get out and photograph the prairies of Central Illinois. Optionally, you may select images from your portfolio that meet the above criteria.

Deadline for submission of images is December 2nd, 2018 at midnight. Photographers retain sole ownership and unrestricted use of all photographs submitted.

For more information and link to submit photos, click on this link Heartland Portraits Project


PCC Members, This listing should better clarify the Competitions and when Images are due.

Number of Competitions for each Category:
Open = 3
Nature = 3
Print = 3
Creative = 2
Photojournalism = 2
Theme = 2
City Landscape = 1
Smartphone = 1
President’s Special = 1




8/21 — NATURE-1, OPEN-1

9/18 — OPEN-2
9/25 — CREATIVE-1

10/23 — CICCA Print
10/26 — CICCA Digital

11/20 — PRINT-1
11/27 — THEME-1 (Botany)

12/4 — NATURE-2

1/8 — OPEN-3
1/22 — PRINT-2
1/29 — CREATIVE-2

2/5 — SMARTPHONE, THEME-2 (Still Life)

3/19 — PRINT-3

4/2 — PRESIDENT’S SPECIAL (Capturing New with Old)



OPEN — Tom Ruhland
NATURE — Scott Dunham
CREATIVE — Julie Dodge
CITY LANDSCAPE — Andrea Monninger
SMARTPHONE — Ray Keithley
THEME 1 — Paul Bierma
THEME 2 — Julie Dodge
PRINT — Alan Rogers

(Since the website is public, please refer to the Member Directory for email addresses)

See the competition rules document on the for further details

All About the Night Sky

OK, maybe not “all” there is to know about the night sky, but certainly enough to satisfy a craving to learn what’s involved in photographing the night sky and the beautiful celestial objects that live there. On Tuesday, October 2nd, guest speaker, Craig Stocks will discuss astro-landscapes, featuring the Milky Way, as well as approaches to more detailed astrophotography. Post processing will also be addressed since it’s such a critical element to create a successful night sky photo.

Guests are welcome to attend.

Tips & Tricks of Macro Photography

Interested in learning more about macro photography? This week, Tuesday, September 25th, club member Crystal Johnson will present a program on the “tips and tricks” of shooting macros, equipment needed, and creative macro project ideas. Guests are welcome.

There will also be an opportunity for PCC members to participate in a Macro Photography Outing — Saturday, October 13 – Location and time TBA.

Strategies for Creating a Photography Program

Have you ever been asked to present your photography in front of a group and didn’t know where to start?

During this weeks meeting, club member Julie Dodge will present different strategies for “Creating Your Own Photography Program”. This will include how to: choose a topic; select and present your images; add topical notes; speak to the audience; and most importantly… keep their attention. Whether you’re creating a 15 minute show, or a full two-hour program, you’ll learn techniques that will help you feel confident when accepting an invitation to present, and when delivering your program.

This year, there will be opportunities for members to share more of their photography with the club besides competitions. If you have images to share, this is a program you won’t want to miss.

Tuesday, Sept 18, 7-9pm,
First United Methodist Church, Downtown Peoria.